For the sleepover

I made some pillowcases for Elisabeth and her friend for the sleepover.


we have a pop-up trundle bed so both girls got to have a bed

I used two ready-made white pillowcases and sewed contrasting fabric and ribbon that Elisabeth had selected to the bottom.


They look really cute, although the insides are sloppy. I think there must be a better way of doing pillowcases. Oh, well, they were fun for the girls to have, even if they end up falling apart at some point.

Edited: There is a better way! Next time I make pillowcases, I'm going to use Kirsten's tutorial. I figure, if you wanted to do it with ribbon, you could just leave out the trim fabric and make it with just the main fabric and the border per her instructions, adding the ribbon at the end.


snow white and rose red japanese fabric

And actually, I really like them -- the colors and details -- and for something thrown together quickly, they're perfect.