Thank you

I had another post all set for today, but instead, I want to say thank you.

socks sent by a thoughtful friend

Thank you for your many sweet comments recently. Thank you for continuing to stop by and visit me in this space, even when I haven't been here consistently. Thank you for being an amazing community.

hat sent by a thoughtful friend

Yesterday was the worst day we've had in a long time. My kids were grumpy and fighting, I'd woken up with a headache (which is unusual for me), and my temper was short. I was yelling a lot. In the middle of all this chaos, James got a nosebleed (which he tends to get from time to time when he's throwing a tantrum or crying really hard). I called my husband at work, and I never had the chance to tell him about my day, because he started to tell me about the day he was having -- which included the fact that both of his classrooms had been broken into over the weekend and vandalized -- very badly. I actually typed out what had happened, and just deleted it because it's too horrifying, and frankly, gross, to share here.

So, there I was, still in my pajamas, covered in James's blood, all three children crying, my husband at his wits' end at work. I really could have had a breakdown. But the mailman came to my door with a package at that very moment. An unexpected care package from a friend I have never met face-to-face. It was full of beautiful things for each of my children, and some treats for me.

frame kit sent by a thoughtful friend

In that one moment, everything turned around. Somehow a woman from the other side of the country cares enough to send a surprise to me and my little family out of the blue. How blessed I am.

sweater sent by a thoughtful friend

So thank you. Thank you to Courtney, specifically, and to all of you. For taking the time to say hello each day, for being a community of women who uplift and brighten. You are all around the world. You are in your homes and places of work. You are sharing your thoughts, listening to the thoughts of others -- silly thoughts, creative thoughts, even deeply personal thoughts. This is a community.

love to you all,