'Tis the Season

fontanini angel

We tend to decorate fairly gradually throughout advent. We like to spread it out as much as possible.

seasonal table


daniela drescher postcards

Pretty well set up is our piano top, which has been acting as our primary seasonal table for quite a while now.

piano display

(The Santa teacup candle and red berry wreath are awaiting a more permanent home.)

tontanini sheep and villagers

We've been collecting Fontanini nativity figures since we got married. It's one of my favorite things. I love that it's beautiful and classic-looking, while being OK for the kids to handle. My mom adds a new piece for us each year. Sometimes we get one to commemorate an important event (the birth of a child, etc.), but often it's just one that we like or want.

fontanini mama & little ones, spinner, rug seller

Last year we got this little spinner because Elisabeth had learned to knit. She's my favorite.


Today, we got our Christmas tree, enjoyed a bit of nog, and this weekend, we're off to my husband's graduation! Lift a glass for him if you think of it. I'll be back here in the first part of next week. (Unless, you know, my computer crashes again.)