Quick Announcement

Hi all, thank you so much for your lovely congratulations on the attainment of the doctorate! It has been a long (almost 10-year) road for us, and we feel so relieved -- and elated -- to be finished with it! Much more celebrating to come this week, I'm sure. (Plus it's someone's forty-something birthday next week, so lots of celebrating there, too!)

Anyway, we're back and settled, but I'm terribly sick. I wanted to let you all know that if you've been debating on buying something from my shop, that tomorrow will be the very last day. I'll be taking the shop down after tomorrow to accomodate holiday shipping. So, take a look! I'm not sure if I'll re-list any of the items at a later time -- I'm thinking not, at least for the dolls. So this really will be it! Thanks again for all of your encouragement, enthusiasm, and support of my little venture.


See you in this space, for something entirely different, tomorrow!

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