One year old!

Right now, I'm listening to a one-year-old girl squeal with delight as her siblings push her around in a wagon. It's hard for me to believe it's been a year since that magical morning of her birth. But here we are, a year later. I need to remember not to wish these days with my little ones away. They go too fast anyway!

birthday girl

This morning we enjoyed our usual birthday rituals.


Fiona was really excited about the birthday ring.

not a fan of the crown

But not as excited about the crown. Despite patiently wearing hats just about every day of her life, it proved to be too much to ask. ;)

the only crown shot without her hands on it!

Today, we'll celebrate our littlest one all day. We'll eat her favorite foods (this week, she really likes broccoli and bananas), make her a cake (the applesauce cake from this favorite cookbook, but adapted -- with Kyrie's guidance -- to be wheat-free since we think Fiona may have reacted to wheat a few weeks ago), and open some gifts (mostly handmade, so there will be some sharing here next week!).

this is what one looks like

Happy birthday, my silly, sweet, snuggly one. I love you with all my heart.