Today, my tulips are just about to bloom. Last year's pink tulips came up mostly yellow this year. I've heard that can happen, although I was surprised that it happened after only one year. Oh, well. (As a true lover of pink, I can't help but be a tiny bit disappointed. But you know how I am about tulips. Swoon.)

Today, I'm really depressed. We found out that we lost about 6 months worth of photos (from September 2009 to early March of 2010) to a computer crash. (I've mentioned before that we've had troubles with this computer. We finally -- after waiting for months for my husband and his brother to look at it -- figured out that it was caused by a faulty cable inside the computer.) The photos were on a separate, back-up drive, but it was affected by the crash. All the other photos were double backed-up, but these -- including all the face shots of my children that never make it to the blog, Halloween, Christmas, Fiona's first birthday, my niece's baptism, the originals of my habit posts -- these are all lost. My brother-in-law took the drive to his work, which is a large corporation with a big IT department, and they ran their professional recovery software on it. They weren't able to retrieve anything that we didn't already have. My last hope is to see if we can recover anything off the camera memory card. This is unlikely because I have overwritten it many times, but it's worth a try. I'm especially upset about Christmas, because not a single one of those photos had made it to flickr or anywhere else. At least I have three shots of the morning of Fiona's birthday, though not of her eating cake that evening or opening her presents so cutely. I'm absolutely devastated.

Today, I'm trying to hold it together so I can work on some things for Elisabeth's birthday party this weekend.

Today, I might scrap everything and go over to my sister's house for doughnuts.