Birthday party goodness

{Thanks so much for all your sympathy about my photos. We haven't had the chance to try retrieving anything from the memory card yet, but I'm not holding out too much hope. It's a really devastating thing to have happen, but I'm at least glad that it was only 6 months worth of photos and not more.}

Last weekend we celebrated Elisabeth's 8th birthday with a party for her friends.

This was the first time we'd held a birthday party "away from home", so to speak. I took the five girls to a paint-your-own pottery studio. It was a lot of fun! The added bonus was that I didn't have to plan any activities or do any clean up. :)




our friend's penguin


Afterward, we came back to the house for cupcakes & ice cream, presents, and some outdoor play before the girls' parents came to pick them up. This was really the funnest and most relaxing (from my perspective) party we've hosted. It was great!

goodie bags

homemade goodie bags

goodie bags

This year, because we'd painted pottery which the girls will get to keep, the contents were just the marigolds to plant, and chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. Simple, but plenty, I think.

flowers from our garden

flowers on the table, from our gardens

place setting

place setting -- it seems that all we have to drink out of anymore are jars, but they are pretty!

I love to host a fun party, and this one was really successful, which was very gratifying.