For prayer

Today I have something to share that I made, but it's not in the same vein as what I usually do.

Years ago, my parents bought me a fairly inexpensive rosary with opaque pink glass beads. Somehow I lost that rosary about two years ago, and last spring, I finally accepted that I would probably never find it. I looked around locally and online for quite a while, trying to find a replacement that I liked.


Finally, I had my mind set on something so specific that I decided to make one for myself instead. I spent about a month gathering various supplies -- sterling silver wire, freshwater pearls, and pink coral beads (these are dyed coral; it's basically impossible to get natural pink coral beads anymore unless you can find vintage ones). I pulled out the jewelry tools that I hadn't used since I was 14, and began to make the links using a wire-wrapping technique.


When it came time for the two prominent pieces, the crucifix and the centerpiece, I hit a snag. I wanted a centerpiece of Our Lady of La Leche, a title of Mary where she is depicted nursing Jesus. Unfortunately, those aren't really available anywhere. I tried to get someone to cast it for me from a medal that I wear, but that fell through. Finally, I ended up buying a pre-made Our Lady of La Leche rosary from the shrine in Florida, which had sterling silver pieces but plain glass beads. It ended up being an expensive way to make this rosary, but since it was about 7 months from start to finish, we didn't feel it in our pocketbook too heavily, and it was so worth it to me to be able to have a rosary that I had made, and was what I really wanted, as well.


The crucifix I ended up using came on that same rosary that I purchased. I had looked at other crucifixes, but this one matches the crucifix on Elisabeth's First Holy Communion rosary, so I decided to use it.


I am so happy with how this came together. It feels so good in my hands when we pray together at night, and its beauty reminds me to lift my soul up to the heavens.