Last Christmas, This Autumn

Our normal "uniform" for James on holidays has been a sweater vest and corduroy pants. Last Christmas, we were having a hard time finding him a sweater vest that coordinated with the girls' Christmas outfits (unfortunately, all those photos were lost in the computer crash we had this year), so I just decided to knit his vest instead. It was a fairly last-minute project (I seamed the sides just as we walked out the door for Christmas Eve services), but so quick and cute.



I had a silly idea in my mind that it was "too Christmasy" to be worn ever again, so it's been set aside in a basket of woolens ever since Christmas. As I've been planning for these knitting update posts (and there are more coming!), I pulled it out to re-photograph it, and James has worn it almost every day since then. There is something so perfect about a vest. It's warm, but doesn't hinder the activity of a little one. And he really loves it. He tells me often how happy he is to have it. So, I'm really happy that I pulled it out for him this autumn!


Here are the details:

It's the Cable Vest pattern, found here on Ravelry, and here is the link to the actual pattern (you have to sign up for an account with the Lion Brand website to get to it)

The yarn is Malabrigo worsted in Ravelry Red, with Cascade 220 for the brown. (Originally I thought I wouldn't do the contrasting trim, which is why I didn't do it on the bottom of the sweater, and why I didn't use Malabrigo for it. But at the last minute, I decided it would really look nice with the brown trim.)


This was a great little knit, and looks so cute on him!

This Christmas, I'm thinking of going for this one, or maybe this one. Oh, the planning is half the fun, isn't it?