A very merry Christmas

A merry Christmas.

This has been one of the busiest weeks on record for me. I have been making so many things! I'm hoping that when you see everything I got done this month (in some upcoming gift posts), you'll forgive me for being absent this whole week and not doing the Holiday Home Tour. Maybe I'll share some of our decorations with you next week, as we'll be celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas in our customary way.

Anyway, I've been a knitting and sewing machine this week. Along with some baking (much of it of the lemon variety, thanks to my dear, dear, sweet friend Sarah and her lemon tree), and some birthday celebrating. (Today is my husband's birthday. He turned an age that starts with a "4" and ends with a "3".) So, yes, a very full week.

So from here, I'm going to wish you a very merry, blessed, and bright Christmas. See you next week!