2011, I like you already


Welcome to 2011, friends! It's looking mighty fine from here, I must say. 2010 certainly had its ups and downs -- unfortunately, more downs than it should have. I'm so looking forward to this new year, and the promise of its unblemished days and months ahead!

On that note, I'm looking forward to chronicling it in a new (to me) way. I've decided to jump in on a 365 photo project -- a photo a day for the entire year. So many of my friends have done it (some of them for many years now), that I finally felt the time was right for me to give it a go. So, please join me over on flickr, and follow along with my year in photos!

I'm going to try to do a 2010 retrospective post, like I did for 2009 (I love looking back at that) very soon. And I plan to redouble my efforts to be in this space much more than I was last year.

I have some other goals for 2011: less computer time, more making, more reading, a greater effort toward creating some time and space for myself in the midst of our busy family life, and more time carved out for my husband and me to reconnect.

What about you? What are your hopes and goals for this fresh, new year? I just love its possibility, don't you?