2 November

Today is All Souls' Day, and we are quietly enjoying a beautiful snowy day at home, thinking of those who have gone before us. 

And thinking a little more about last weekend's fun, too.



Our annual trip to our favorite pumpkin farm, this year complete with snow from a few days earlier -- and gloriously muddy!

pumpkin carving1

pumpkin carving2

pumpkin carving3

pumpkin carving4

pumpkin carving5



Our pumpkin carving party with my friend Rebecca and her sweet family (her baby boy's very first pumpkin carving party!). {One of our favorite sources for pumpkin carving inspiration remains this book.}


silly bagel

Everything autumn. (Fiona's silly bagel face early in the morning on our way to church.)


Trick-or-treating with my sister, my mom, and one of my best friends in our city's small downtown. (Where Elisabeth and James both got a turn "driving" the tractor for hay rides!)




Trick-or-treating around our neighborhood, too. (This exciting house is directly across the street from us!)

Too much sugar. 

snowy pumpkins1

snowy pumpkins2

Snow. Snow! It's literally impossible for me to be unhappy when there's snow. 

{Also, some things I'm excited about right now: habit is open for submissions all of November in the flickr group, and the iPhone is now available for Sprint, my carrier. That makes me happy in a silly way, even though I can't afford a new phone in the immediate future. Hee.}