3 November

I'm so very tired tonight. I think it's all that candy. I have got to get the stuff out of here! (It really is almost gone, thankfully.) It's been leaving us all a little strung out, I think. 

Anyway, being very tired, I'm not going to say too much tonight.

baby sid

My best friend of the last 11 years, Rebecca (of pumpkin carving fame), had her first baby in August. His name is Sid, and I am his number-one fan. Or, his number-something fan, after his mama and daddy and grandparents and whatnot. (That is the remnant of a little face-paint caterpillar on his cheek, in case you are curious.)

baby sweater1

baby sweater2

Before he was born, I knitted him a little sweater.

baby sweater6

It's the Baby Boy 5-hour Sweater, a pattern I love and which went so fast. The yarn is Malabrigo worsted in Stone Blue, with a bit of Sunset around the neck, just for fun. (That particular skein of Sunset, which I bought to edge Fiona's bunting before she was born, is probably my favorite single skein of yarn ever. It is so amazingly soft and fluffy, even more than usual.) The blue was a bit more subtle/grayish than it looks in these photos, but no amount of tweaking I could do in iPhoto was really getting the colors right. The buttons are from Stefanie Style on Etsy, and absolutely perfect for this project. (Also, I didn't sew them on with the yarn all cockeyed like that; I think the top button was just twisted in these.)

baby sweater3

Thank you, Rebecca, for having baby Sid so I can knit stuff for him. 

baby sweater6