25 November


These few days between Thanksgiving and Advent are a somewhat odd, undefined time in my mind. It's almost as though I don't know where I am in time! Everything seems quiet, still, even autumn seems to be tiring out and ready to give in to the next season. 

I'm excited. I feel prepared, happy, busy. 

The card in the above image arrived in the mail from Amy. I don't think I know a lovelier person or better photographer. It seems cliche to say this, but so much collective attention gets paid to division, conflict, cruelty, and cultural sloth. But the mere fact that my path has crossed with Amy's tells me that there is less to worry about than the media would have us believe. There are beautiful people with creative, positive ways of looking at the world in every city in the world. 

That is a very heartening thought, indeed. I'm so grateful to know just a few of you remarkable people!