26 November


This morning I took some time away from the chaos and spent a few hours making wreaths with a friend; it was such a respite in what is such a busy time of year to take a morning just to make wreaths and drink tea without distractions. We both agreed it would be a new tradition!


We started with wire wreath forms and began with a somewhat sparse first layer of fir branches, going around in a spiral. We wired these on with floral wire, and then added another base layer of another fir. Finally we filled in with cedar, white pine, and holly. I love the earthy look that the spiral formation gives (rather than a more traditional "filled in" wreath). You could add ribbon or other decorative elements; I think I might leave mine plain because I like the natural look. 


Tomorrow I'll set out the advent wreath form on our dining room table and fill it in with leftover boughs of fir, pine, cedar, and holly. It smells just amazing!