30 November


I made it! I made it! My third year in a row to complete the November NaBloPoMo challenge. I love doing it but it's exhausting, too.

Tomorrow we'll start our Advent activities. The little stockings are ready and waiting, and our traditional first activity, planting paperwhite bulbs (they have, so far, never failed to bloom just in time for Christmas!) is at the ready. 

Right now, I'm feeling quite a bit overwhelmed. I'm finishing the last of the doll orders and I'm behind on my (self-imposed) deadline. I'm realizing I only have 24 days to complete all the Christmas projects I have in the queue. I'm anxious. Prioritizing and managing time is not one of my strengths. OK, I'm freaking out a little bit tonight.

One thing at a time. One thing at a time.

I'm taking tomorrow off but I promise to be back in the next couple of days! Lots of things to show and tell, plus another holiday book post to plan for! See you soon!