5 December

Well, my intention to be back on Friday or Saturday after a day or two off was thwarted by a ghastly stomach virus that took all of us but my husband down. I thought I was going to die! Seriously! But all's well now, though I'm a bit more harried than I would like, international shipping deadlines and whatnot. :)

ice skating2

ice skating1

Anyway, last night, in the midst of heavy snow, and freezing, freezing temperatures, our little merry family bundled up in our warmest woolens and ventured out to ice skate! (Though I was reminded once again how I could really use a pair of these, especially since I don't even own any pants ... it was cotton jersey pajama pants under a skirt for me and I was cold! Maybe someday....) 

ice skating5

ice skating6

ice skating3

Snow continued to fall, lights twinkled overhead. It was one of those beautiful, magical Christmassy moments that you couldn't manufacture if you tried. We all came home and stripped our outer layers of clothing off and hopped into bed in our woolies (or, pajamas, in my case). 

Tonight we will set out our shoes for St. Nicholas to fill in customary fashion. I am a little bit amazed how, after ten years of doing this, the traditions that we have put into place so consciously have continued to carry us. A little more about that tomorrow.