Mornings with Saint Thérèse

St. Thérèse is very dear to me. Over the last several years in particular, she has become a very real friend to me during both turbulent times and ordinary days. I think that many Catholics have a favorite Thérèse story. Mine was last year, during a time that I was faced with a fairly scary situation, I told Thérèse that if she were to send me a rose, she needed to make it obvious because I'm too dense to catch it otherwise. The next morning, we accepted a spontaneous invitation to the zoo with some friends. We turned a corner at the zoo, and there was an enormous (like 16 feet high) rose made of Legos! I had to laugh because in that moment, I really knew Thérèse had my back. She was by my side. The communion of saints felt very concrete to me that day.

By a happy turn of events, I recently found myself in possession of an extra copy of this beautiful book, Mornings with Saint Thérèse, and I would like to give one away. Please leave a comment below and I will select a winner on Friday, October 7. And thank you for popping in to my much-neglected little space here! ♥