a birthday book

two pages

In the tradition of copying great ideas, Elisabeth and I made a fabric book for James's birthday. (I am a firm believer in the "imitation is the fondest form of flattery" concept.)


Most of the photography is Elisabeth's; those that she did not take herself were selected by her, and she dictated the captions under each photo. One thing I learned in this process is that my sewing machine is not intended for quilting. However, it was great fun to select the fabrics, and though I haven't done very much sewing in the last ... well ... ever, it was exciting that some of the pages used fabric from things I've made for James, like the cushions from his high chair & a couple pairs of pants.

snuggling up

It was so cute when he'd see a picture in the book, and then look around the house for the person or object (or doggy) shown in it, and he'd just laugh, and look back and forth between them, and laugh some more.

my favorite two pages

These are my two favorite pages. Nursing is so very important to James & me; it is really a special time for us to connect, which I'm finding feels even more vital with this second wee one of mine. And do you see what Elisabeth had me write under the right-hand page? "This is you, and I love you." Awwww.

And, although these photos have nothing to do with the book, I really had to share them:

who says you can't have your candle & eat it too?!

He really loves grabbing those candles. Eeek!

utensils?! hands?! why waste my time?!

Because picking up pieces of the cake with his fingers would have been a waste of time. ;) He was so surprised when we all laughed at him for doing this, but then he bent his head right down to do it some more!

Oh, and I do have to recommend this cake recipe -- it's the Applesauce Cake from this book. Very wholesome, and oh-so-yummy. We have enjoyed this cake on many a first (and second ... and 30-something) birthday with friends. I really had to do an icing this time (second child and all), and since James & I are allergic to dairy, I did a Seven Minute Frosting which was beautiful and fluffy when I made it 40 minutes before icing the cake, and flat, goopy, and a bit marshmallow-y when I actually put it on. When the recipe says "use immediately", I think it probably means it. Oh, well. It tasted good. ;)