Happy Spring!

Alas, no picture today. I had grand plans to go to a friend's house yesterday and snap some shots of her blooming daffodils (except for the few blades of grass in the new banner, all at our house is still brown and lifeless). But, sadly, my friend's wee ones have the flu (the real flu!), and today a cold I'd been sort of fending off for about a week hit full-force. I think I might have strep throat (!) as none of my usual homeopathic sore throat remedies seem to be doing the trick today. This morning I just managed to get up and make some mochi and tea before retreating back to bed.

I'm up for a second time to make lunch, start a crock-pot, and update the blog (priorities!). Uploading photos just won't happen today, though.

However, in spite of my overall malaise today, Elisabeth and I did hear the songs of several birds this morning -- it really is spring today! (So many bloggers seem to be bird people, and while my dad is an avid bird watcher and listener, I admit to knowing absolutely nothing about birds.)

Anyway, happy, happy spring to you, friends! I'll leave you with a poem that seemed fitting for today:

All the birds have come again,
All the birds together.
Hark the warbling, whistling, singing,
Every bird his music bringing,
All the world with song is ringing.
Welcome to the springtime.

What a joyful merry throng
Darting through the branches.
Blackbird, starling, finch, and thrush,
Chirp and perch in every bush.
O'er the meadows in a rush
Spring comes gaily dancing.

News has come from far and near --
Hearken to the voices.
Listen how the meadows ring.
Children gaily dance and sing.
All the world doth greet the spring,
Every heart rejoices.

-from Germany