...is for sister, one of the most important (and favorite) roles in my life.

...is for seven. My favorite age to be. If I could have frozen time at any point in my life, it would have been at age seven. I was a very innocent child, so seven for me was probably "young" campared to someone else's seven. But I spent a great deal of time riding my bike in our neighborhood, making mudpies, and generally having fun. I couldn't read yet at seven (shocking, I know!), so I sort of feel like seven is my last very innocent age.

summer skirts

...is for skirts. I don't have a better picture ... even with my camera back, I haven't been taking any new pictures for the ol' Encyclopedia. But I took this one to show some of my favorites. It didn't turn out how I wanted. But anyway. Skirts! I wear one every day. I prefer just-past-the-knee length, although ankle length is pretty fun, too.

...is for spicy. I love spicy foods. Indian, Thai, Mexican, Ethiopian: anything. OK, those are all "ethnic" foods. I like spicy things in general, not just ethnic. Bring on the chili!

...is for snow. One of my fabled "three favorite things" (the other two being wool and cherry pie).


...is for style. My husband brought home this personality test thing that they did as a "fun getting to know you exercise" at teacher orientation this fall. I took it, and came up with an exactly equal split between "Concrete Sequential" and "Abstract Random." Yeah, those two are exactly opposite. But they both described me equally well. Apparently I have a split personality or something.