Guest Blogger :: Summer Is :

Summer is: veggies from the garden

Summer is veggies from the garden that typically go straight to the dinner table.

Walking to the water

Summer is trips to our favorite beach for a dip in the cold ocean.

Summer is: corn on the cob

Summer is enjoying local corn on the cob. (The only way the little one will eat it.)

In a field

Summer is fields of flowers.

Sunset at the beach

And it just wouldn't be summer without an evening on the beach to watch the beautiful sunset.

Hello there! I'm Erin and I am so thrilled to join these lovely ladies for a guest blogging adventure! It has been fun. Our little family lives in the farm lands of Maine, where there are more chickens than people, and tractors pass by more frequently than cars.You can find more of my ramblings over at Bluebirdbaby and view my photos on my flickr page.

Enjoy the rest of summer! I hope to see you around.